Powerful software to help simplify your Snow Removal business

WhiteNights helps you manage your customers, streamline operations, optimize routes, and generate reports. Save time, eliminate paperwork, and create happy customers.

How you work

The old way

  • Scrambling to find customer info in Excel sheets
  • Printing and mailing 1000’s of contract renewals
  • Constant customer calls asking for service updates
  • Creating complex Excel formulas to find data
  • Spending hours following up on late payments
  • Making customers wait for estimates
  • Creating routes by hand on Excel sheets
  • Spending hours entering data into QuickBooks





How WhiteNights works

The new way

  • Keep organized customer profiles and histories
  • Give customers the option to renew online
  • Automated service notifications reduce # of calls
  • 20+ reports help find the right data in seconds
  • Easily track, view and send invoices  
  • Send quotes while customers are still on the phone
  • Generate optimized routes in just a few clicks
  • Sync invoices and payments with QuickBooks

“With data available on our fingertips, WhiteNights helps us attend to customers much faster during snowstorms”

Denis Berube, Owner
WorryFree Snowblowing

Features & Benefits

Our tools are like a Swiss army knife for managing your Snow Removal business

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